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May 31, 2018

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How can the UK commercial property market benefit from RBF?

November 16, 2017



For businesses looking to expand their property portfolio, seeking advice from a finance professional is the first steps to ensuring a smooth and profitable investment. There are several options aside standard commercial property financing that may be viable for your business needs and circumstances. Seeking specialist help from RBF offers you sound advise on a number of commercial matters including the processes and transactions of property investment.


You may be interested in purchasing a buy-to-let property or seeking options to expand your current commercial space. Whatever the reason or business need, RBF can tailor a range of property finance options to suit your requirements.


Unique commercial finance


Every business is unique and pigeonholing companies creates unnecessary barriers for expansion or growth. Many businesses don’t fall within standard corporate categories so choosing a partner to help you take a proactive look at the future aids in positive business development. There are several options to consider when choosing appropriate commercial finance and RBF can help find suitable funds to enable everything from purchasing assets and machinery to acquiring or expanding property.


Take a look at some of the ways RBF can help finance commercial property acquisitions:


Development and project finance


If you are looking to acquire land or property for development, RBF have expert knowledge in funding options for a range of residential and commercial projects. RBF can provide a seamless transition of information and knowledge from investors through to developers, creating a stress free and timely acquisition process.


Bridging loans


If you are in the midst of a project and your cash flow is tied up with current developments, a bridging loan may help to appease your funding situation in the short term. Bridging loans also provide a helpful finance option for the transition period between sale and completion of a project or business.


Termed loans


With specialist and professional advise, RBF has access to fully amortised loans which can help release capital for cash flow or provide an option to fund the purchase of commercial premises or land for business expansion or acquisition.


Alternative finance options


There is a range of alternative finance solutions for businesses looking to expand and develop. Your commercial property business may not fall into the standard lending categories and may require specialist knowledge to make funding opportunities available to your niche. RBF specialise in alternative finance options including investor funding which offers a flexible and proactive approach to your business requirements.


Find out more about Response Business Finance Property Finance. Click here for more info:


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