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May 31, 2018

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Why do Start-Ups Need Capital?

December 11, 2017




If you are looking to get your business off the ground, start-up capital is necessary to fund the initial stages of its development and strategy. These important funds also differ from industry to industry, as some business ideas may not need as much money to make an idea come to life. 


Start small and plan effectively


Although you may have high expectations for your new business, it is always best to start the planning stage with a hint of healthy scepticism. Investing a large sum of money or putting all your eggs in one basket, could lead to pitfalls early on. During these initial stages it is always best to keep an open mind and work on your idea by looking at its potential; this means from both the positive and negative aspects. Testing your business on a small scale is another great way to examine the costs and customer feedback of a business idea before committing to costly expenditure and potential financing options. The next steps after planning include estimating your costs. Start-up capital can help with these costs including finance for infrastructure, assets and employees.


Take a look at why new businesses require capital to ensure a healthy financial start in the market and some ways to fund this new venture.


Assets and infrastructure


The sector of industry you are starting up in provides the basis for how much money is required to get the business established. Some industries require a larger financial outlay to purchase assets, buildings and hire employees, where as others may just set its roots from a rented office space. Whatever the requirements of start-up capital, there needs to be sufficient breathing space to ensure a smooth transition period from business start up to regular trading, and funding could bridge this gap in the short term.


Developing ideas


Once you have funding to get your business going, that initial capital will also help develop the first steps in your business plan. There’s no point in starting a business then finding yourself at a grinding halt as you have no money to market yourself effectively and all of these smaller things need to be considered in the big plan. Whether you are building a new housing developing or launching an innovative tech start up, the tools to build your visibility and brand identity need to be implemented to sustain future growth.


Start-up funding options


To ensure you have sufficient capital to begin working on a new business venture, there are a several funding options to consider. First you need to establish the needs and requirements of your venture and decide on the best solution for the business goals. Professional advice is always a useful resource and there are a variety of traditional and non-traditional funding solutions to raise the capital you need.


Start-up finance options include:


  • Business loans

  • Asset finance

  • Land and development loans

  • Small business grants


Contact us and we'll tailor the solution for your start-up business.

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